Signs that a driver is under the influence of alcohol

When someone is driving under the influence of alcohol, they pose a risk to other road users and themselves. It would be challenging for an intoxicated driver to act in the same way that a sober driver would.

Here are some of the signs that a drunk driver is on the road so that you avoid getting in their path

Difficulty staying in their lane

One of the ways to spot a drunk driver is when they find it hard to stay in their lane. You will notice that they keep changing lanes because they are confused about which one to maintain. This act might distract other drivers and road users.

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Not maintaining traffic rules

Another way to know that a driver is under the influence of alcohol is when they consistently break traffic laws.

Some of them might be oblivious to when the red signs show up which is an indication for them to apply their brakes and wait for it to turn green. Similarly, they might drive on the wrong side of the road, or even exceed the speed limit.


Tailgating occurs when a driver follows closely behind another vehicle, without giving enough distance to stop. Hence, when the vehicle in front stops abruptly, a collision is likely to occur. Drunk drivers are likely to tailgate because they are not in their perfect mind when they are behind the wheel.

Poor judgments

Drivers under the influence of alcohol are more likely to make the wrong decisions on the road. For instance, they might speed when they are not supposed to. They might even forget to honk or apply their brakes when needed.


If you know someone who might be under the influence of alcohol, it is best to assist them in getting help. Many drivers might be struggling with alcohol addiction, but they don’t know how to break free. You can help someone you know to get registered in a reputable rehab.



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