Signs that a driver is driving under the influence of alcohol

It is a known fact that each year, some of the deaths on the road are caused by drivers who were driving under the influence of alcohol. While many of them are aware of the adverse effects that come with driving under the influence of alcohol, they still choose to ignore them.

Therefore, it is important for other road users who are sober to watch out for some of the signs that could possibly predict if a driver is under the influence of alcohol.

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Here are some of the signs to look out for

Failure to abide by Traffic signs and rules

When someone is under the influence of alcohol and they are behind the wheel, there is a good chance that they would not take note of the traffic signs and signals. They will find it hard to multitask because alcohol affects coordination and motor skills.

Hence, an impaired driver might not stop when they see the red light, which can cause some disruption on the road or even an accident. In a situation where they are supposed to stop for pedestrians to use the road, they might not see them coming in time.

Additionally, some of them might take the wrong U-turns, or even drive one way. When you notice that a driver close to you is not sticking to the traffic signs, it is best to distance your vehicle from theirs to be safe.


Another way to know that a driver is under the influence of alcohol is when they follow behind a car too closely. This is one of the ways to tell that alcohol has impaired their sense of vision and judgment.

In most countries, it is wrong for a driver to closely follow another vehicle, and they might be sanctioned if something happens to the innocent driver.

Sudden, strange movements

You can tell if a driver is under the influence of alcohol when they make some unwarranted movements on the road.

They might stop unexpectedly, and accelerate immediately without warning. Also, they might swerve and switch lanes multiple times, or make last-minute turns which can affect the judgment of other drivers.

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