Four consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol

Most vehicle accidents usually come from lack of concentration, carelessness, and indecision. All these are unfortunate circumstances that come with alcohol drinking. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) carried out an analysis on road crashes and found that an average of one death per 50 minutes occurs due to alcohol-related car collisions.

Statistics have shown that people who drink are at risk of causing fatal accidents. Different countries and states have rules concerning drinking while driving, and most states do not allow it. Asides from causing accidents, there are other consequences of drinking while driving.


Some significant consequences that can occur while driving under the influence of alcohol are:

  1. Impaired driving: Alcohol impairs a person’s ability to drive by slowing thinking, reflexes, and vision. Alcohol consumption slows reaction time, especially when the situation requires the vehicle to be stopped abruptly. When drivers are drunk, it becomes very hard for them to control the wheels and make the right decisions while driving.

It often leads to the loss of lives and properties of innocent people. Consequently, if the person survives the crash, the state could take legal actions against the person.


  1. Legal consequences:Record has it that over 10,000 people die yearly due to alcohol-induced accidents. However, asides from the possibility of an accident, there are legal consequences of driving while drunk. If a person is caught with a blood-alcohol concentration level that is higher than 0.08% while driving, the following are legal consequences that could follow:
  • Loss of driver’s license
  • Vehicle impoundment
  • Court-ordered rehabilitation and alcohol treatment
  • Court-ordered withdrawal from children and loved ones
  • Jail time

If the person’s conviction is an accidental crash that claimed lives and properties of people due to the influence of alcohol, the consequences will be a lot more grievous. The outgrowths might include loss of the following:

  • Voting right
  • Right to own a firearm
  • Parental right
  • Professional license
  • Passport
  • Financial aid for schooling
  • Employment in elite fields
  • Public housing benefits

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