It is a known saying that too much of anything is not good, and on this, alcohol intake is no exception. Drinking too much alcohol frequently is harmful to your health and, it is sad to say that alcohol abuse has become a growing issue in societies today with no exclusion to drivers.

Abuse of alcohol is the excessive intake of alcohol, and drivers who abuse alcohol will experience some of its effects in their body system, and worse ones when it is long term.

As a driver, long-term abuse of alcohol can damage your frontal lobe, which is the area of the brain that is responsible for judgments and short-term memory.

This part of the brain is of great importance to you because drivers are to have sound judgments, knowing fully well that driving involves calculations and instant decision-making. Thus, if your frontal lobe is damaged, you are at a high chance of breaking traffic regulations, exposing yourself to arrests, or worse, accidents.

Also, long-term alcohol consumption may lead to alcoholism whereby you become physically and emotionally dependent on alcohol. It has a high chance of reducing your productivity level, damaging your relationships with people, and exposing you to developing many chronic diseases and health problems. Some examples are liver disease, pancreatitis, cancer, brain damage, to mention a few.

Furthermore, long-term abuse of alcohol exposes you to the risk of suffering damages in your digestive system.

For example, the tissues in your digestive tract could be damaged by alcohol and cause malnutrition. It could also lead to ulcers or hemorrhoids which may cause dangerous internal bleeding or in the condition of ulcers, be fatal and cause death if not treated early.

Alcohol also impairs communication between your brain and your body which makes coordination, a necessary skill in driving, difficult for you. It exposes you to damage to yourself, another individual, or properties.


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