Everyone would love to own a vehicle which they drive at their convenience. However, not everyone is willing to stick to the rules of driving. Some people think these rules are too stringent, and following these rules is not suitable for them. What are driving rules? They are basically set of rules which a driver is meant to stick to while driving.

These rules are what defines him to either be a good or a bad driver. Driving rules are not set based on hearsays, they were set by driving regulatory bodies of a state or a country. The major goal of these driving rules, is to make sure that all lives on the road are secured.

One major driving rule which is common across all states and countries in the world, is the prohibition of all drivers to stay away from alcohol and other drug-related substances which can affect the brain performance of a driver.

When a driver is hooked on alcohol and other hard drugs, it becomes difficult for the driver to concentrate fully on the wheels and the road. As a matter of fact, the driver finds it hard to comprehend and interpret things as he would, if he was not under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The lives of passers-by and other drivers on the road are at risk because the driver who has taken alcohol or drugs, before taking to the wheels, is not in the best state of mind.

If drivers could pay heed to this specific aspect of driving rules, we would have fewer cases of accidents on the road. This is because, everyone on the road would be sane and mentally stable.

In addition, you are also protecting your vehicle by sticking to driving rules. There are some road accidents which can make your vehicle a total write-off, thus compelling you to buy another vehicle. Driving rules are essential because, they ensure that the society is rid of deaths and severe injuries caused by fatal or ghastly accidents.

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