Driving under the influence of drugs is risky, and it gets even worse when it the driver is addicted to drugs. Someone who is addicted to drugs does not only pose a risk to himself, but to other people on the road. When drugs are taken in reduced doses, it still has the capacity to greatly step-down your driving skills.

For instance, someone who is hooked on cannabis, will find it difficult to drive fast and also stay awake. In addition, it would also be difficult to maintain the right lanes during the course of driving.

The effects which comes with drug addiction during driving, varies from individual to individual. The effects are dependent on the size of the person; weight and health. The consistency with which the drug is ingested also matters, and if the drug is combined with other medications.

With the aforementioned factors, it is quite herculean to state the exact way whereby the combination of drugs will affect the safety of a driver.

Drug addiction causes reduced reaction times in individuals. Hence, the person will not respond as fast as he needs to. This is often the cause of accidents on the road.

There are times when the driver will need to apply the brake promptly in order to avoid hitting a passerby, and he ends up not responding quickly to this expected action. Usually, the reason for this is, the response ability of the driver has been impaired.

In addition, the driver finds it hard to concentrate when driving because of the presence of drugs in his system. It becomes hard to keep his sight on the road, and stick to all the rules which guide good driving.

Furthermore, there is a likely chance that the driver will feel drowsy while driving, and this is dangerous because an accident could result in the process. This could get worse if the driver combines hard drugs with other medications or even alcohol.

Conclusively, there are times when the driver would need to perform more than one action while driving, but it becomes difficult to do this, because he is addicted to drugs.



Driving is a serious business, and it involves a great deal of care so that lives would be preserved. Some people are often in the habit of taking alcohol before they drive. To make it worse, people who are addicted to alcohol present the greatest risks to life, as some of them can even take alcohol during the course of driving.

Alcohol addiction is an obsessive disorder, which has the capacity to mess with the normal way of life of an individual. Some people need the frequent intake of alcohol to be normal, this shows to an extent the abnormality which alcohol addiction presents.

It is expected that someone who is addicted to alcohol, will have a slower reaction time, than someone who is not addicted. The driver will be unable to respond promptly to various situations. It reduces the response time of the driver, which can in turn lead to an accident.

For instance, if a small child or an animal runs across the road where there is a drunk driver, there is a possibility that the driver would find it hard to react swiftly, because the brain will take a longer time to access the situation and avert the accident.

In addition, the motor skills of a driver are impaired. The motor skills involve the foot, eye, and hand coordination. When these parts are unable to synchronize properly, the driver could have an impending danger on his hands. Hence, to avoid this, the intake of alcohol needs to be reduced. As a matter of fact, the excessive intake of alcohol can make a driver find it hard to start his car.

Closely related to this, is the inability of the driver to concentrate properly. Alcohol is a powerful substance, and a very minute quantity has the capacity to affect the concentration of an individual. When driving, proper concentration is an asset which no driver must miss, and the absence of this increases the likelihood of an accident.

Drivers are advised to avoid alcohol at all cost, to ensure that the lives on the road are safe. If there is a decline in alcohol addiction among the drivers on the road, there would be fewer cases of road accidents.